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Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing tools are used  monitor, assess and consequently improve social media performance. We use social media marketing tools to encounter daily needs of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn and many others.
We collect all the data and used them to analyze that how our ads performing? What interest of people are really engaging with our content? What time of day people are most interested?  Days of a week? What ads are really working for us? Which post is performing better? Where does most of our traffic coming from? What pages of our website does people go after hitting the Home page? and a lot of other data. All this data help us to analyze and make our marketing  strategy accordingly  which leads us to make performance based decision making.

Social media Tools needs to be install by professionals in order to see results. Digital Virtual Assistant is here to assist all your digital needs from social media management to SEO to Website  management to Advertising and others. You can also hire a Virtual Assistant on hourly basis.

Digital Virtual assist will help you to grow your brand in most affordable manner. We provide very affordable prices based on platforms needs. We have listed few of our social media management packages below or you can even get a custom quote to get your tailor made plan. If you have any query please get free consultation from our expert by clicking here.



$145 / Month

  • Facebook Pixel | Google Analytics | Messenger Button |

  • Account Setup upto 2 Platforms

  • Pages Setup

$245/ Month

  • Facebook Pixel | Google Analytics | Messenger Button | Google Search Console |

  • Account Setup upto 3 Platforms

  • Pages Setup

$395 / Month

  • Facebook Pixel | Google Analytics | Messenger Button | Google Tags | Google Business | Google Search Console | Google Merchant | Others |

  • Account Setup upto 5 Platforms

  • Pages Setup


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