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What Can I Expect with Social Media Marketing Agency?

Social media marketing agency involves three specific tasks.

  1. You must have creative marketing content with text or graphics that reflect the brand message you want to convey.
  2. There is a bidding approach to your advertising management that reviews multiple data points, ranging from how much you want to spend each day to the keywords you want to target.
  3. The campaigns deliver comprehensive metrics that enable you to see what works, what doesn’t, and if different approaches could be more successful.

Since every business has different needs in this area, our team takes a customized social media marketing approach. We offer different tiers for convenience, but you receive an individualized outreach plan each time. Social media marketing varies from platform to platform and hence every platform has its own dynamics. Social Media Marketing is one of the most demanding skill in today’s social  media era. Digital Agency plays a vital role in fulfilling company social media marketing needs.

In order to get results and sales conversions from social media marketing, specialists must conduct the task. An hourly rate is also an option when hiring a marketing expert.

Digital virtual assistant will help your brand to grow, through the most cost-effective form of social media promotion. Based on platform requirements, we offer very reasonable costs. You can request a bespoke quote to receive your individualized strategy or view a sample of our social media management packages below. If you have any questions, please click here to get a free consultation from one of our experts.


Social Media Marketing Pricing

$195 / Month

  • $400-$2000/month ad spend (paid to channel)

  • Advanced ad targeting

  • 2 Platforms

  • Bid Management & Optimization

$395 / Month

  • $2001-$4000/month ad spend (paid to channel)

  • Advanced ad targeting

  • 3 Platforms

  • Bid Management & Optimization

  • Keyword Planning

$595 / Month

  • $4001-$7000/month ad spend (paid to channel)

  • Advanced ad targeting

  • Advertising creation

  • 5 Platforms

  • Bid Management & Optimization

  • Keyword Planning

  • Trends & Market Research


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Features Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
2 Platforms
3 Platforms
5 Platforms
Monthly Social Ad Spend with Networks
$400 to $1999
$2000 to $3999
$4000 to $6999
Account Setup Fee
Trends & Market Research
Trends & Market Research
Platforms Included: Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest
Advance Ad Placements within Network
Initial Campaign Strategy
Analytics & Conversion Tracking
Dedicated Account Support
Ad Creation & Development
Conversion Tracking Installation
Geo-targeting & Location Exclusions
Results Analysis/Reporting
Custom rule based bidding
Weekly Meetings and Consultation

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